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Fotr in News

"Being forced to be more aware of your photography can do wonders for a user’s photographic output."

Tech Crunch

"One of the most poetic web projects have seen for months! Just downloaded it, and will take my first "real" pictures for years! Thank you for making something meaningful so cool!"

Product Hunt

"While the cost may deter a few and encourage some, Fotr is also designed as a way to prevent snapshots from being swallowed into thousands of other photos that are never actually shared or looked at, much less printed."

Digital Trends

"Have we all but forgotten the feeling of developing a roll of film, the reward of holding the physical product in our hands, imperfections and all?"


"It looks as if the mainstream photography world is, at least on the surface, rekindling its love with physical photos."


"Maybe some of the photography lovers out there will use Fotr for a creative boost... or to remind them what it feels like to hold an honest to goodness print in the palm of their hand."


"Apps to print photos certainly are not a new concept, but Fotr is a bit different, mimicking the process of shooting an entire roll."

Business Insider UK

"We sat down with the founders of a a new photo app that we thought had a different spin on things."

Launch Puppies