Analogue camera in your iPhone.

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We print all photos you take.
No reviews, no undos, no chimping.

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How does it work?

1. Buy Film

Go black and white if you are classy. Or use the filters, if you prefer film look.

2. Shoot

Shoot with confidence. Every picture you take is going to be printed.

3. Setup Address

Fill in your address in settings so we know where to ship your prints.

4. Get Prints

Get your photos in 10 days. Sublimation prints last more than 100 years.


Prices show the cost of single roll of digital film purchased in the Fotr app. We try to keep them competitive, but we wouldn't like to compromise print quality. We try to be as transparent as possible. These are final prices for prints including VAT, packaging and worldwide delivery. No asterisks, no hidden cost on check out!

Standard Photo Size

B&W24 Frames6x4"17 USD
Colour24 Frames6x4"20 USD
B&W36 Frames6x4"23 USD
Colour36 Frames6x4"27 USD

Large Photo Size

B&W24 Frames7x5"27 USD
Colour24 Frames7x5"29 USD
B&W36 Frames7x5"31 USD
Colour36 Frames7x5"34 USD



Default black and white photo with a bit of sharpening.


Filter that imitates the look of Neopan film material. It gives pinch of grain and deep contrast to your black and white photos.


This filter emulates look of classic Kodak Tri-X. It keeps the full tonal range of grays with contrast in shadows and highlights and a nice film grain.


Untreated colour photo from your device with light sharpening.


This filter follows the look of all time classic Fuji Velvia with its vibrant colours with slightly bluish tint and natural grain. Its ideal for shooting nature, landscapes.


Filter based around the look of Fuji Superia material. Its gives your photos rough analogue look with higher contrast and original film grain. It’s perfect for street photography or architecture.

Send a Gift

You can send Fotr film as a gift now!

Choose a film and send it to your dad. Send it to your best friend or a Tinder date. Send film to your grandma, if she can deal with technology. Send it to your photography teacher to challenge him. Send it to someone who hates you to make them hate you less. And send some films back to us, because we use Fotr too.