Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have a question and you haven't found the answer on this page, feel free to contact us at

Could I get a digital copy of a picture I took?

No. All the photos are erased with no trace once printed. The only copy is the photograph print in your mailbox.

I’m not satisfied with the print quality. What can I do about that?

Please take a picture of your photos and contact us at We are going to reprint them or give you a refund. Please note that we are not responsible for the quality loss made during operating the camera.

Is it possible to print some pictures from my gallery?

No, all the pictures need to be taken with the app. No exceptions.

Do I need to be connected when taking the pictures?

Not at all. You can take pictures without the connection. They are all going to be synced when you get on Wi-Fi. However you need to be connected in order to purchase a new film. So make sure you have enough frames left.

Is it ok to shoot some nude pictures?

We are printing a lot of pictures, so we don’t have time to study the content. However, if your photos got misdelivered it might cause you a trouble. So be wise and think twice.

I was halfway through the film and I changed the address. Where are my photos going to be delivered?

All your photos are being printed and shipped to the new address once you finish your film.

What does Fotr mean?

It's slang word for father in the Czech Republic.

I accidentally pressed the shutter. Is there a way how to erase the last photo?

No. There is no undo function. Remember, everybody does mistakes. Its normal. Do not think about it too much. Focus on what you can create in the future! And, who knows, it also might be a cool print.

Is there an android version of Fotr?

Not yet. We decided to launch Fotr for iPhone before going to other platforms. We'd like to test it properly and hear your feedback. In case you are interested in android version, let us know on and we'll make sure to inform you when its ready.

Which country do you ship to?

We try to cover the whole world, however there are few exceptions. You can see if we ship to your country in the address setup.

My photos haven’t been delivered in 10 days, what can I do?

Be patient. We print and send all your finished films within the next working day. Give it couple of extra days. There might be a problem with delivery service. If your prints won’t appear within 14 days, please contact us at We are not almighty, but we try to do our best to sort it out.

What is the print quality?

All the prints are printed on sublimation printer. This offers the highest reproduction quality with more than 100 years warranty.

I’ve got a technical problem with the app. What can I do?

Please contact us at and describe your problem. Please mention your device type as well. We try to fix all recurring problems with the next update.