About Fotr

Welcome and thanks for using Fotr!

We created Fotr because we love photography. We love photography in its analogue way, with all pros and cons. We want to transplant this passion to world of mobile devices.

We strongly believe that the classic photography aproach not only trains your eye but also your brain and taste. By selecting the right moments and situation you can develop not only personal style, but also critical thinking. It's an essential skill you need to acquire in order to become a better photographer.

In digital world the role of photography changed towars the medium of promotion. It conveys the information without any deeper estetical considerations. We are making thousands of photos, erasing the bad ones, making our lives look perfect and supernatural. All the passion and rough feel of authenticity got lost.

We might be considered old school, but we believe, that even under this rapid change, there is a deeper meaning and a hidden beauty in classic photography. We think that using Fotr helps you take a better pictures and look at world around you with a critical eye of a true photographer.

Lastly we are convinced that the photography shouldn't be disposable. We still consider photography prints a great medium for storing and sharing memories. We designed Fotr to fill the gap we found missing and we hope enjoy it the same way as we do!

In case you'd like to let us know what you think about Fotr or just say hello, please contact us at info@fotr.co All your feedback is highly appreciated!